I send those files enclosed in this email. It's possible to check now my problem easily.

I run this command every time I want to test Snort:

I'm expecting the rule "1394" and "648" to be triggered, but is not working... In .pcap file is possible to see buffer overflow attacks tested by me (e.g. check the filter "tcp.dstport==50096 or tcp.dstport==50098").

What is the problem?

Às 02:26 de 17/06/19, Russ Combs (rucombs) escreveu:
Please send pcap, rules, config so we can help you out.

On 6/16/19, 7:39 PM, "Snort-users on behalf of João Pedro via Snort-users"
<snort-users-bounces@lists.snort.org on behalf of
snort-users@lists.snort.org> wrote:

I'm testing snort 3.0 with Community rules.
Besides triggering alerts from port scans, it is not detecting Buffer
Overflow attacks (.i.e. made with Metasploit).
Is there a problem with the current rules in Snort 3.0? Should I
activate/config something else?

Ps: I'm testing Snort from .pcap files

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