[Snort-users] Block Torrent on VMWare all VMS or one by one??

Al Lewis (allewi) allewi at cisco.com
Mon May 27 20:49:29 EDT 2019


You probably want to put snort inline so that it sees all the traffic.

Then use appid to identify the traffic and block it.

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Subject: [Snort-users] Block Torrent on VMWare all VMS or one by one??

Hi and thanks for helping me, I just want to block all torrents traffic in my dedicated server, server based on VMWare ESXi and I have 17 VMs, I want to block Torrent traffic for them, I don't know how can I do it, I tried to block with pfSense, but can't config it well, now after searches find the Snort, now tell me how can block Torrents traffic??
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