[Snort-users] help:how to use -R to load a rules file.?

sofardware sofardware at 126.com
Sun Mar 17 01:17:09 EDT 2019

      Hi all,

               snort --daq nfq --daq-var queue=1 -c snort.lua   

               If I have started snort with the above command,and how how to use -R to load a rules file?what is the complete command,and where to input it?

when snort started with the above command,the Linux terminal showing as the flow,and can not continue inputing anything。so where to input the reloading command?
rule counts
       total rules loaded: 2
               text rules: 2
            option chains: 2
            chain headers: 2
port rule counts
             tcp     udp    icmp      ip
     any       0       1       0       0
     src       1       0       0       0
   total       1       1       0       0
nfq DAQ configured to inline.
Commencing packet processing
++ [0]

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