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See the readme file that comes with the daq download for complete details…


afpacket functions similar to the pcap DAQ but with better performance:

    ./snort --daq afpacket -i <device>
            [--daq-var buffer_size_mb=<#MB>]
            [--daq-var debug]

If you want to run afpacket in inline mode, you must craft the device string as
one or more interface pairs, where each member of a pair is separated by a
single colon and each pair is separated by a double colon like this:


or this:


By default, the afpacket DAQ allocates 128MB for packet memory.  You can change
this with:

    --daq-var buffer_size_mb=<#MB>

Note that the total allocated is actually higher, here's why.  Assuming the
default packet memory with a snaplen of 1518, the numbers break down like this:

* The frame size is 1518 (snaplen) + the size of the AFPacket header (66
  bytes) = 1584 bytes.

* The number of frames is 128 MB / 1518 = 84733.

* The smallest block size that can fit at least one frame is  4 KB = 4096 bytes
  @ 2 frames per block.

* As a result, we need 84733 / 2 = 42366 blocks.

* Actual memory allocated is 42366 * 4 KB = 165.5 MB.

NOTE: Linux kernel version 2.6.31 or higher is required for the AFPacket DAQ
module due to its dependency on both TPACKET v2 and PACKET_TX_RING support.


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Dear. Could you help me know how to configure snort ids to snort inline with daq af_packets? I have installed Snort 3 on Ubuntu server 18.04. Thank you.

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