[Snort-users] howto convert snort alerts in to iptables rules? (like fail2ban does)

Joost Ringoot joost.ringoot at meteo.be
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Hello Dorian 

Thank you for replying 

The main point is: snort does, by default not block what it detects. 

If an attack is detected, I would like the source to be blocked immediately, by converting the detected attack into a rule that blocks the attacking vector/host. 
If you have another method to convert a snort alert directly in a network block via netfilter or a kernelhook or something else, I would like to hear it from you. 

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BTW: firewalld the current standard firewall for Linux still has iptables under the hood. 
BBTW: meanwhile I found something that may be promising: [ https://doc.emergingthreats.net/bin/view/Main/SnortSam | https://doc.emergingthreats.net/bin/view/Main/SnortSam ] 

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Iptables is too much older, 

Iptables is too much insecure, 

It is the how I don’t use iptabLE finaly I can’t use IPFW modules on snort !!! 


Dorian ROSSE. 

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Does anyone of you have experience in converting snort alerts into iptables rules, ... like fail2ban does? 

Did it work? 

If you think it is unfeasible or a bad idea, please explain. 



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