[Snort-users] querying www.snort.org/rule_docs/{REV}-{SID}

Joel Esler (jesler) jesler at cisco.com
Mon Jan 21 08:31:18 EST 2019

First, it’s not rev-Sid, it’s gid-sid.  

Second, why do you feel you need to download all the documentation instead of link to it on our website?

We are going to be radically re structuring how the rule documentation is written in the coming weeks.  My team is working on completely re-doing how these are written, the contents, structure, etc. it would be in your best interest to always link to the most updated and live version as things will be changing. 

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> On Jan 21, 2019, at 06:10, koppfabi <koppfabi at b-tu.de> wrote:
> Hello Community,
> i would like to query https://www.snort.org/rule_docs/{REV}-{SID} for meta-information about all the rules, in order to decide if the rule should be turned on or off in an environment.
> My trivial approach was to use python(urllib) to crawl the website and then parse for my desired information.
> The problem is that snort.org refuses to serve my request after  more the 10 requests (HTTP 429). I have set an custom user-agent in the header of the request.
> Is there another way to obtain the information under https://www.snort.org/rule_docs/{REV}-{SID} ?
> best regards
> Fabian
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