[Snort-users] Snort for Windows - Trying to get payload info into log file, for later read in and analysis

Don Hall dhall at rmscollects.com
Thu Jan 10 19:09:58 EST 2019

I use Snort v2.9.12 for Windows.

Issue #1.
I am trying to get the payload info (-d) and log (-l) to later read back in (-dr) and analyze the payload.
The payload info goes out to console, but the log file just has the header info, but not the payload info.

I am using the config file \etc\snort.conf to apply the rules.
I try to modify the output plug-ins to get the step 6 plug-ins.

I need to see and analyze the payload.

Issue #2.
I am trying to get the files to close after a file size (e.g. 1MB for test purposes).
With the epoch (timestamp extension), I would spawn off a new file,
And save off the old file, to examine and do data analysis, on the payload.
Trying to do it first, in a test; and later, with a 100MB or 1GB file size, for production.

Do I have to use some other tools, such as logrotatewin?
Or, can I do these things in Snort, without add-ons?

Thanks, in advance, for any good suggestions.


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