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 BitBounce Autoresponse
[image: BitBounce]

Hello! I use a new email filtering service called BitBounce to filter my
email. To deliver your email to my inbox, please click the button below and
pay the small cryptocurrency fee. Thank you!

*$0.05* to deliver your email.

We’ve never met — I’ll pay your fee.

I know you — Add me to your whitelist.

*BitBounce* <https://bitbounce.com?ref=bitbounce> is powered by the *Credo*
<https://bitbounce.com/credo> cryptocurrency

*I’m from a business* —  what are my *delivery options*

BitBounce and Credo are transacted through *CredoEx*
Made by Turing Technology Inc. in San Mateo, California *Sign Up for
BitBounce* <https://bitbounce.com?ref=bitbounce>
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