[Snort-users] nfq problem

Dorian ROSSE dorianbrice at hotmail.fr
Sat Feb 2 13:52:01 EST 2019

Fix it !

firstly install all needing by :

apt-get install libnetfilter-queue-dev libnetfilter-queue1 libnetfilter-log-dev libnetfilter-log1 libnfnetlink-dev libnfnetlink0

then do this command line :

sudo iptables -I FORWARD -j QUEUE

then run in daq-2.0.6/ :


now your nfq is enabled 😊


Dorian ROSSE.

De : Dorian ROSSE
Envoyé : Friday, February 1, 2019 10:20:47 AM
À : snort-users at lists.snort.org
Objet : nfq problem


When I run this command line Following :

snort --daq nfq [--daq-var device=enp5s0][--daq-var proto=ipv6][--daq-var queue=0]

I have this error :

/opt/daq-2.0.6# snort --daq nfq [--daq-var device=enp5s0][--daq-var proto=ipv6][--daq-var queue=0]
Running in packet dump mode

        --== Initializing Snort ==--
Initializing Output Plugins!
Snort BPF option: [--daq-var device=enp5s0][--daq-var proto=ipv6][--daq-var queue=0]
ERROR: Can't find nfq DAQ!
Fatal Error, Quitting..

Thank you in advance to help me repair this nfq problem,


Dorian ROSSE.

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