[Snort-users] Rules to Alert on Same System(Word Doc)

Mike cr8syoki at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 10:12:08 EDT 2018

I was able to successfully install Snort on Windows 10 and am able to 
receive alerts with the current rules I have enabled for other tests.  I 
am collecting on the same machine Snort is installed on, and I am using 
the "-k none" switch when I start Snort.

I am conducting research in my lab to see how Snort responds to these 
types of files and at the same time learn to write effective rules.

I have created a malicious (for test) Word doc that uses DDE to open a 
Chrome browser and open up google.com.  There are numerous rules for 
Office files, but most are geared towards traffic over mail 
client/server ports and no matter how I tweak my rules, I am not able to 
get an alert when I run the document.

Since the traffic is originating from the same system, should the rules 

"alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET 80 (msg:"Microsoft DDE field 
exploit"; flow:to_server,established; file_data;....?"

Any help on if this can be done, or what the payload or rule is missing 
would be greatly appreciated.



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