[Snort-users] snort_dynamicpreprocessor

Carter Waxman (cwaxman) cwaxman at cisco.com
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  1.  For static DAQ, use ./configure --with-daq-libraries=/usr/local/lib –with-daq-includes=/usr/local/include and adjust those paths accordingly, then run make clean and make. ldconfig is for dynamic libraries.

  1.  List the contents of the package / rpm and ensure that the paths in snort.conf match the dynamic paths. The config should be rewritten automatically if it’s our package or the packager used our spec file.

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Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 5:01 PM
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Subject: [Snort-users] snort_dynamicpreprocessor

Hello all,

I was able to manually compile snort just fine on my test system. Went to do it on prod and got the error about not being able to find the daq static libraries (daq was compiled and installed successfully and I added /usr/local/lib to ldconfig). So I decided to use the ‘yum install’ method. Which worked without any issue. When I went to test run snort I got the error that it was not able to find the snort_dynamicpreprocessor. Took a look and it is located at /usr/local/lib/ on my test machine, but I do not have it at all on my prod machine (which again was installed using yum install).

At first I started going through and commenting out the lines that were erroring out for the dynamicpreprocessor, but I’d rather just get that installed and have it if needed. Can anyone tell me how to actually get it installed? Should I just recompile manually? Or will that mess up the current snort install?

Thanks for your time!

Sam Johnson
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