[Snort-users] Is pfSense the Best Open Source Firewall/IDS/IPS in the World?

Joel Esler (jesler) jesler at cisco.com
Thu May 31 13:26:26 EDT 2018

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My questions are:

(1) Is pfSense, coupled with Snort, the best open source
firewall/IDS/IPS in the world?

It certainly is the number one from our (Snort.org<http://Snort.org>'s) perspective (in terms of users).

(2) Is pfSense on par with commercial network security appliances,
including but not limited to
Cisco ASA, Cisco Sourcefire, Fortigate, SonicWall, etc?

No.  Those commercial platforms provide far more.

(3) Is Snort able to detect malware and ransomware before they reach
the endpoints?

The blanket statement of "able to detect malware and ransomware" is quantifiable as "all malware and ransomware". Nothing can detect "all".

Seems like Emerging Threats Pro (ET Pro) signatures at
proofpoint.com<http://proofpoint.com/> are able to. How much are you required to pay for these

As is the Snort Subscriber Rule Set available on Snort.org<http://Snort.org>.  As for how much ET Pro is,  I have no idea.  Our pricing is here: https://www.snort.org/products, and as far as we know, is the lowest in the industry, commercial or otherwise.

(4) Where can I get quality guidance on configuring Snort in pfSense?

The pfsense forums I hear are pretty good.  Or here.

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