[Snort-users] Open appid problème

Kondi AGBA GNANDI agbagnandi2015 at gmail.com
Thu May 31 13:06:47 EDT 2018

Hi all sorry for my Bad english i'm french.
I install snort and add openappid
But my problem is when i want be alert on Facebook openning .i configure
the local.rules file with Facebook rule
Alert tcp any  any -> any any (msg:"connectif toi Facebook";appid: Facebook
when i go with cmd (wget www.facebook.com) all IS good i detect Facebook
trafic,but when i use firefox i dont detect anything
I Also get when using snort console commande the error
Could not read appName.line snort différés Appkey vmware-remote-auth ->
AppInfo :appid 4109 IS unknown (i have about ten Line with different id)
Thanks alot
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