[Snort-users] N00B Windows snort.config help

Carlos Sun csun_mizzou at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 13:56:39 EDT 2018

Apologies if this is double posted. I don't think I was successful the first time as I didn't subscribe correctly, so I am reposting. I would appreciate any help in debugging my snort.config error. 


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> Subject: N00B Windows snort.config help
> To: csun_mizzou at yahoo.com
> Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 5:41 PM
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> I am following the
> tutorial to install an IIS Snort server. I got stuck at the
> "testing the Snort configuration file" stage. Here is the
> error message:
> d:\winids\snort\etc\d:\winids\snort\rules/blacklist.rules(0)
> Unable to open rules file
> "d:\winids\snort\etc\d:\winids\snort\rules/blacklist.rules":
> Invalid argument.
> It looks like the blacklist.rules file name is messed up,
> i.e. the path was somehow repeated/concatenated. But I don't
> see how that happened. In my config:
> var BLACK_LIST_PATH d:\winids\snort\rules
> .
> .
> .
>   blacklist $BLACK_LIST_PATH/black_list.rules 
> So the path variable points to the hardcoded location
> d:\winids\snort\rules. I don't see how the file path got
> messed up. I've attached my snort.cofig.
> Any help is greatly appreciated. 
> Carlos
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