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Kelly Alger kama410 at twc.com
Sat Jun 30 10:42:48 EDT 2018

Good of you to be more specific than most people are with these 
messages, but how far did you get in the process?

Did you get to this web page: Snort-users list: member options for user 

Could you see the [Unsubscribe] button?

Did you get a confirmation eMail from the system?

It should look a lot like this (Some items have been changed to prevent 

Subject: confirm ff856f31fde9b3d94184477327c768[more...]

Mailing list removal confirmation notice for mailing list Snort-users

We have received a request from <your.IP.address.here> for the removal of your
email address,"<your_email_address>"  from thesnort-users at lists.snort.org
mailing list.  To confirm that you want to be removed from this
mailing list, simply reply to this message, keeping the Subject:
header intact.  Or visit this web page:


Or include the following line -- and only the following line -- in a
message tosnort-users-request at lists.snort.org:

     confirm ff856f31fde9b3d94184477327c768[more...]

Note that simply sending a `reply' to this message should work from
most mail readers, since that usually leaves the Subject: line in the
right form (additional "Re:" text in the Subject: is okay).

If you did not get the eMail, how long has it been since you clicked the 
[Unsubscribe] button?
Some people have said it has taken over 30 minutes before the eMail 
showed up.

Have you checked your SPAM folder for your eMail service?

On 06/30/2018 07:26 AM, Variya Sirilertworakul via Snort-users wrote:
> Dear Snort team,
> I went to the link 
> https://lists.snort.org/mailman/listinfo/snort-users 
> <https://lists.snort.org/mailman/listinfo/snort-users> but I could not 
> unsubscribe. Please help me unsubscribe.
> Thank you,
> Variya
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