[Snort-users] Snort rule for allowing Logitech Squeezebox streaming service/traffic

Dominik Steiner steinerd86 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 16:58:52 EDT 2018

Hi Snort users

I am quite a beginner with snort and have a tricky question on creating a rule for a radio streaming service.

I am using Logitech Squeezebox as a music streaming system for my home and found out, that since i activated Snort it always drops my streaming and i cannot listen to online radios anymore. 

When i found out that snort is blocking my traffic to the squeezebox streaming server, it showed in the alert log that it always classifies the traffic as "Unknown Traffic” and it always logs it against the port 9000 from the streaming server (where the service is running on) and port 80 (not sure why 80).

Description of blocked traffic is always: (http_inspect) NO CONTENT-LENGTH OR TRANSFER-ENCODING IN HTTP RESPONSE

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this and keep snort on while allowing this traffic?
The service is running on port 9000, how can i create a rule to enable such traffic to flow through?

Haven’t found any thread in the internet which solves this issue, that’s why i am reaching out to you.

Thanks for your support

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