[Snort-users] It is possible to execute NIPS and NIDS together?

Cynthia Leonard (cyleonar) cyleonar at cisco.com
Tue Jun 5 02:38:24 EDT 2018

Hi Younes,
If you run Snort in NIPS mode , that should help you detect and block the attacks.  You can initially start with rule action as alert, if you want to only view the alerts, then you can change the rule action from alert -> drop if you want to block the attacks after taking a look at the alerts.


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Subject: [Snort-users] It is possible to execute NIPS and NIDS together?

Hello everyone ,

Is it possible to install snort in a machine as being NIDS to generate alerts and store them in the database (I have already made this stage using Barnyard2  and  MySQL database ) ,
and in the second machine as being NIPS to block the traffic generates by this NIDS?

my goal is to save the alerts in a MySQL database, and then block the attack attempts that generated these alerts.
I do not know if NIDS is able to do these two options (generate alerts and block attacks), that's why I thought about using a NIPS with NIDS.
it's possible

Thank you.

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