[Snort-users] It is possible to execute NIPS and NIDS together?

Younes Abderrahmane younes.abderrahmane31 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 12:44:31 EDT 2018

 Hello everyone ,

Is it possible to install snort in a machine as being NIDS to generate
alerts and store them in the database (I have already made this stage using
Barnyard2  and  MySQL database ) ,
and in the second machine as being NIPS to block the traffic generates by
this NIDS?

my goal is to save the alerts in a MySQL database, and then block the
attack attempts that generated these alerts.
I do not know if NIDS is able to do these two options (generate alerts and
block attacks), that's why I thought about using a NIPS with NIDS.
it's possible

Thank you.
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