[Snort-users] Snort rules and flow analysis

Paulo Angelo pa at pauloangelo.com
Tue Feb 13 18:02:21 EST 2018

Hi Rugg Vale,

I faced the same problem some time ago.

The solution was the creation of a fork of Barnyard2 (named by
Barnyard2-hz), on which I implemented a flow extractor based on the nDPI

To extract flows, I configure Snort to log the traffic combined with the
generated alerts into a Unified2 file. Then, I use Barnyard2-hz to extract
flows+Snort events and save into the HBase NoSQL DB.

Last month, I submitted two papers in which I used this architecture, but
they are under review.

Follow some references that can help you.

Architecture overview: http://ids-hogzilla.org/for-scientists/
Barnyard2-hz GitHub: https://github.com/pauloangelo/barnyard2


Paulo Angelo

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 6:54 PM, <rugg.vale at email.it> wrote:

> Hi I'm an italian student of naples university. I wanted to ask you a
> question: i've a pcap file with backbone packets. I want compare the result
> from mawilab anomaly detection, with the output of snort. So i'd like to
> know if is possible to implemet a flow analysis by snort rule. For example
> is possible to know how many syn packets an IP send and how many RST the
> same IP has recive ? thank you for patience. best regards.
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