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The LuaJIT dependency was first introduced when the OpenAppID preprocessor became part of Snort (2.7.x) as I can recall. For example: http://blog.snort.org/2014/03/firing-up-openappid.html

OpenAppID is not enabled by default in Snort 2.x and should compile without LuaJIT as long as the AppID preprocessor is not enabled at compile time.

I’m not sure if there are additional dependencies in Snort 3. Try compiling without LuaJIT and AppID.

Can’t answer your last question, but according to social media, there is a talk about beta version.

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Hello, I saw dependency on luajit in snort 3.0.

Is it really nessesary, for waht reasons it is used in snort? (lua rules mainly?)

Can I not use LuaJit at all - may be configure option may exist in future?

Or it's hardcoded firmly and snort strictly depends on it ??


PS: snort 3.0 release date - when? is it known?

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