[Snort-users] Windows compilation

Victor Roemer viroemer at cisco.com
Thu Feb 8 09:14:36 EST 2018

It's been about 2 years since the last time I touched the windows build, 
but we were still using VS6 at the time, and I've no reasons to believe 
thats changed.

IIRC the solution file is burried deep inside the win32 folder in the 

On 2/8/18 6:35 AM, Jordi Rubió wrote:
> What is the correct way to get successful compilation of Snort?
> When I tried with cygwin always ask me for libpcap and not continue...
> When I tried with visualStudio (old and current versions) I get 
> confusing errors (related with the conversion of project)
> When I tried with DevC++ the project loads fine, but the same as 
> cygwin "where is libpcap?" xD
> I'm trying to understand it...
> WinPcap => Daq => snort... right¿?
> The documentation is confusing and outdated :( any experience with the 
> same problem?
> Many Thanks!
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