[Snort-users] internal load balancing for multi-thread processing (Snort3)

Carter Waxman (cwaxman) cwaxman at cisco.com
Thu Aug 16 09:36:19 EDT 2018

Yes, we are still working on internal load-balancing support. However, it is still possible to run with multiple threads. In short, you probably want to use AFPacket with fanout.

This thread has a good explanation


On 8/16/18, 8:31 AM, "Snort-users on behalf of ziggypiggy via Snort-users" <snort-users-bounces at lists.snort.org on behalf of snort-users at lists.snort.org> wrote:

    Looking into Snort3 with multiple CPUs I found a thread from 2015 which says:
      "Snort++ currently requires external load balancing if you want to use multiple
      packet threads with live traffic. In that case you can specify 
      -i "eth0 eth1 eth2" or whatever. Likewise with pcaps. We are planning to add support 
      for internal load balancing in a future version."
    Is it still the case that some form of external load balancing is required for doing  multi-threaded Snort?
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