[Snort-users] Mapping rules to policies

wkitty42 at windstream.net wkitty42 at windstream.net
Thu Sep 28 12:28:46 EDT 2017

On 09/28/2017 10:19 AM, Joseph Roscioli via Snort-users wrote:
> "There are five states that we place rules in when we create them, four of the 
> states are assigned to policies. - Connectivity over Security (Connectivity) - 
> Either in “alert” or “drop” - Balanced (Balanced) - Either in “alert” or “drop” 
> - Security over Connectivity (Security) - Either in “alert” or “drop”"
> My question is : How do I know which policy a given rule is in? The FAQ answer 
> contains "when you aren’t using the policies".
> I did not see any mention of policies in the User Manual.

look at the rules and you'll see a "meta" keyword... it will list the policies a 
rule is assigned to... not all rules will carry this information, though...

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