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Dan O'Brien pdobrien3 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 09:20:32 EDT 2017

> Ok, slowly I am trying to figure this out. 
> I run Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi on my network. I believe it is the reason why I am getting multiple "protocol dns tmg firewall client long host entry exploit attempt-19187" alerts.
> The source ip for all the alerts are my internet service providers DNS servers along with to ip of my Pi-hole Raspberry Pi. So, I need a simple filter for this rule correct?
> I figure I need this:
> suppress gen_id 3, sig_id 19187 track by_src, ip, 
> I ended up trying it in several different locations including snort.conf and local.rules without any affect. Last night, I put the statement at the bottom of snort.rules, which is where all the pulled pork rules are. IT WORKED :-). 

I woke up this am, hoping to continue eliminating some of my false positive through this method and my additions were no longer at the bottom of the pulled pork/snort.rules list. The false positives are still being enforced though. 

I realize I am new and asking some really noob questions. I always try and find the answers on the internet, problem is, I end up with old information. 

Any assistance greatly appreciated 


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