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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

has always been a low priority, and this was pre-Sourcefire. So this is
nothing new.

The compile methods have change over the past several years and Chris Reid
used to be the one responsible for the Win32 compiles. For the last year
Chris has vanished from the Snort IDS scene and Sourcefire has taken over
that responsibility. 

If Sourcefire would like to furnish us with an official way to compile the
source code then we would be willing to give our time to compile each
official public release for the Win32 environment.

The bottom line is; nobody wants to be told that their Snort IDS is a low
priority because of the OS their running. A Snort IDS in the field using any
OS is no less important then it's counterpart.

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Michael Steele wrote:

> Seeing you offered, I would be very happy for you to write up a step by
> guide on compiling Snort for Windows using the Win32 environment.


Seeing you sell a Snort-on-Windows appliance at, why
don't you write a guide for compiling Snort on Windows??  Or are you
simply demanding that Marty and Sourcefire support your business model
by developing AND bundling free software for you?  To quote Doc
Holiday, your "hypocrisy knows no bounds."



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