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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

-m <umask> Set umask =3D <umask>


On 5/25/05, Rob Baxter <rbaxter at ...13031...> wrote:
> The output files generated by the unified output plugin (ie the alert
> and log files) always seem to be created with only rw permissions for
> the root user. I need to collect the log files from a Solaris machine
> which does not allow remote root logins. Is there any way to get snort
> to set a different acl on the output files? I've tried using the -u
> option to run snort as a different user but the files still get created
> as root. I can whip up a cron job to periodically chown the files but
> I'd prefer something less hackey.
> </rob>
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