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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

job which triggers the auto-update and you can choose to manually
trigger it via the web interface if you wish.

You may or may not want referential integrity, depending on whether
the inserts or deletes are your biggest problem.

I did see a web page on optimising ACID or BASE, but I can't seem to
find the reference any more.


/* Use referential integrity
 *   1  : use
 *   0  : ignore (not installed)
 * Note: Only PostgreSQL and MS-SQL Server databases support
 *       referential integrity.  Use the associated
 *       create_acid_tbls_?_extra.sql script to add this
 *       functionality to the database.
 *       Referential integrity will greatly improve the
 *       speed of record deletion, but also slow record
 *       insertion.
$use_referential_integrity = 0;


/* Event cache Auto-update
 *  Should the event cache be verified and updated on every
 *  page log?  Otherwise, the cache will have to be explicitly
 *  updated from the 'cache and status' page.
 *  Note: enabling this option could substantially slow down
 *  the page loading time when there are many uncached alerts.
 *  However, this is only a one-time penalty.
 *   1 : yes
 *   0 : no
$event_cache_auto_update = 0;

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