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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

suggested the FlexRep support on the install. I uninstalled and
re-installed without the FlexRep support enabled. This still posed the
same problems but when I did snort /service /show I found that the
Registry data for the service was corrupt. I uninstalled the service and
re-installed it with the command line given on the PDF from and when I did a snort /service /show after I found
that the registry settings where again corrupted. Repeated the procedure
of uninstall & install - same results. The registry always comes in with
^i where the -i1 (its 1 for my setup) is supposed to be. During this
entire process I have been following the PDF to the letter - to the
of doing a Copy|Paste from the PDF to the command line. The only changes
was making where they needed to be changed - like with passwords or with
the -ix I would change the last character to a 1. The problem lies in
Copy|Paste action. For some reason it appends some form of a hidden
character in the line that goofs the whole works up. When I typed in the
command line to install the service all by hand the registry data comes
well and starts to run with no problems. So far the service has been up
for 3 hours & has reported all the test that I have run though it.

Thanks again for you help,


> Carlos,
> From the command prompt navigate to the \snort\bin folder and run this
> line then paste the output in an email back to me. Also include your
> snort.conf, which was not attached. Please send this privately to me.
> # snort /SERVICE /SHOW
> Also at the same prompt you can take the output from the above command
> and:
> # snort <append output> -T
> This should give you some idea what is happening.
> -Michael
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>  Michael Steele | System Engineer / Support Technician
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