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Section (6) Install ADODB 1.2+
(for ACID v.0.9.6b2+) Uncompress and install ADODB 1.2+. This process should
be as simple as copying the files into a directory viewable by the web
server and PHP. In the case of Apache, any child directory of 'DocumentRoot'
set in httpd.conf. 
      $ cp adodb112.tgz /home/httpd/html
      $ cd /home/httpd/html
      $ tar xvfz adodb112.tgz
      $ cd ..

Section (11) Configure ACID
The following options will need to be set with site specific information in
order for ACID to function properly. Aside from this minimal configuration,
there are a number of other settings which can be tweaked. Please see for an exhaustive list. 

       o $DBlib_path     : full path to the ADODB installation
                           (Note: do not include a trailing '\' character)



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I try to find in the net some info about ACID error ..

OK .. when do http//    obtain

Error Loading the DB  Abstraction Library : from 

and the error says that need to check  the DB library variable on 
 $DBlib_path in acid_conf.php but in the acid_conf.php have  this path 
 for $DBLib_path="/var/www/html/adodb";   this path is correct . . ?

Thanx in advance for all sugestions .. and links ..  


David Alonso

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