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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

to UDP 161 instead of 162.  And I mean all of them,
not a single packet went to 162.  I have explicitly
told net-snmp to use 162, although that should not be
necessary.  My only idea now is that the snort plugin
is telling net-snmp to use 161 for some reason.

I have thus tried to force snort to specify the port
with the following lines in snort.conf, which got me
the corresponding results:

output trap_snmp: alert, 7, trap -v 2c -c myCommunity
nms -p 162
Snort starts, no effect.

output trap_snmp: alert, 7, trap -v 2c -p 162 -c
myCommunity nms
"Warning: -p option is no longer used - specify the
remote host as HOST:PORT
SnmpTrapPlugin:  Insufficient SnmpTrap parameters"

output trap_snmp: alert, 7, trap -v 2c -c myCommunity
"SnmpTrapPlugin: Unresolvable Trap destination :

Ack!  Anyone have this working and can maybe give me a
clue as to the problem?  Even a lead to the correct
doc would be nice as I've been reading a lot since I
started this last week.

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