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Since you're only monitoring between the cable modem and the firewall,
putting a hub in between the two is almost the exact same thing as
putting a tap between. As for the hacker...the only way that I can think
of for him to be able to access your IDS box would be to come through
your firewall and access the internal nic.  No one should be able to
even detect that you have the unassigned nic sitting outside the
firewall listening.  If you were doing flexresp or something like that I
guess its conceivable that someone could figure out that you have an

Hope that helps, I'm sure someone will correct me if I missed/messed


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I understand the point of using a TAP with an IDS, but is it a must?
is the drawback to simply using a HUB?  I ask because a TAP is a bit
for the house, or at least right now.  My thought is this:  I put a HUB
between the cable modem and firewall.  Then I plug in the second NIC of
IDS Server, but never assign an IP address.  Then turn on snort to
listen to
that NIC.  Would that work?  Would a hacker be able to get into the IDS
Server?  It is my understanding that the presents of the IDS would be
but I can live with that right now.  Are there any other drawbacks?


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