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"There were a couple of bugs in detecting the presence of MS-SQL Server
in the
release of Snort 1.9.=A0 These bugs have been addressed in CVS.=A0 Update
manually rebuild snort, or wait for a binary release.

I compiled the latest Snapshot version from Visual
C++, but I have no clue how to compile it with the MSSQL support it
needs.=A0 So, I've had to go back to 1.8.7 for now :\
Jarret Gibson
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Where did you get the precompiled MSSQL versions of 1.9.x snort?
=A0 -Michael

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Any of the precompiled MSSQL versions of 1.9.x I've tried are bugged=A0 :(
Does anyone out there know of a precompiled 1.9.x version for Windows
that definitely does work with MSSQL?
If not, could someone give me any hints as to how to compile snort with
MSSQL support using Visual C++?=A0 I downloaded and compiled one of the
latest snapshots from, but I have no idea on how to use
the configure script using=A0"--with-mssql" switch it refers to.
Any help would be appreciated since this 1.8.7 version is annoying me :D
Jarret Gibson

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