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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

2002-09-03  Roman Danyliw <roman at ...438...>

       * src/output-plugin/spo_database.c

         - DB schema v106
         - Added the sensor.last_cid field to the schema so the
           database can store the last used cid for a given sensor.
           This field will ensure that a cid will never be reused.

           Upgrading from v105 -> v106 is as simple as:

           mysql> ALTER TABLE sensor ADD last_cid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL;
           mysql> UPDATE schema SET vseq=3D106;

            psql> ALTER TABLE sensor ADD last_cid INT8;
            psql> UPDATE schema SET vseq=3D106;


On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 15:14, Beckett, Josh wrote:
> Ok...I was excited by the announcement of 1.9 and went and did a dumb=20
> thing...upgraded right on a production box.  I did my initial setup=20
> using the doc from the snort website "Snort Installation Manual:=20
> Snort, MySQL and ACID on RedHat 7.3" (great doc, btw).
> Every thing went fine relative to the upgrade, etc.  Compiled fine,=20
> used the new conf file and "current" rules set.  Snort seems to be=20
> running fine, but doesn't seem to want to log to ACID-MySQL.  As a=20
> troubleshooting measure, I set "log to file" on as well as log to db,=20
> I can see alerts going into a file, but not the db.  I've even gone=20
> and blown away the db's and re-set them up, using the steps outlined=20
> in the paper.  Still no joy.
> I've triple checked the snort.conf file for silly things, like bad=20
> rules path, bad db password and user name and everything seems to be=20
> fine...still no alerts in the db, but alerts pop up in the file.  I've

> even checked the configure.log to make sure that I compiled with the=20
> --with-mysql switch...good there.
> Any other places to check, where I might be having a problem?
> Thanks,
> Josh
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