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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

Port numbers may be specified in a number of ways, including "any"
ports, static port definitions, ranges, and by negation. "Any" ports
are a wildcard value, meaning literally any port. Static ports are
indicated by a single port number, such as 111 for portmapper, 23 for
telnet, or 80 for http, etc. Port ranges are indicated with the range
operator ":". The range operator may be applied in a number of ways to
take on different meanings, such as in Figure 2.6.

    log udp any any -> 1:1024 log udp  

traffic coming from any port and destination ports ranging from 1 to 1024 


Quoting Ryan Hill <rhill at ...2446...>:
> sorry folks, couldn't find this after a quick search through the docs - can
> someone tell me what the format is for specifying port listings on 1.8.
> from previous discussions, I seem to recall that 80-443 would work, but not
> 80,81,82,83,443 - is this the case for 1.8.6?

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