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I believe that Linux 2.4, however, is massively improved and reverses that 

- Casey

On 26 November 2001 10:36, Michael Aylor wrote:
> I can't site my sources (so don't hold me to this, this is just what
> I've heard), but I believe BSD performed very slightly better than Linux
> under high stress, but I've also heard that you can strip down linux to
> perform as well if you know what you're doing.
> My impression was that the performance difference between BSD and linux
> wasn't big enough to warrent a mass migration to BSD.
> Again, only what I've heard in the rumor mill....
> Mike
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> Subject: [Snort-users] Linux of FreeBSD
> I am seeking advice on what is best suited for Snort use, Linux or
> FreeBSD. It will monitor either a dual E3 link (currently at 50%
> capacity) or a single port producing about 30-40Mbit. Will Debian Linux
> handle this kind of traffic without problem, or is FreeBSD a better
> choice? The machine in question is P3-800, 512MB Ram and SCSI raid.
> Thanks for any help.

Casey Allen Shobe
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