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# stream4: stateful inspection/stream reassembly for Snort
# Use in concert with the -z [all|est] command line switch to defeat
# stick/snot against TCP rules.  Also performs full TCP stream
# reassembly, stateful inspection of TCP streams, etc.  Can statefully
# detect various portscan types, fingerprinting, ECN, etc.

# stateful inspection directive
# no arguments loads the defaults (timeout 30, memcap 8MB)
# options (options are comma delimited):
#   keepstats [machine] - keep session statistics, add "machine" to get them
#                         a flat format for machine reading
#   noinspect - turn off stateful inspection only
#   noalerts - turn off alerts from the stateful inspector
#   timeout [number] - set the session timeout counter to [number] seconds,
#                      default is 30 seconds
#   memcap [number] - limit stream4 memory usage to [number] bytes

preprocessor stream4 noalerts
                     ^^^^^^^^--- This should do the trick.


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On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 09:50:32AM +0200, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
> OK, what is "spp_stream4: EVASIVE RST detection" ? And why is it
> cluttering my log?
> Between 18:16:55 and 09:44:11 I got 136 of these alerts. What exactly
> triggers it?

Or is there any way to disable that particular type of alert from the
stream4 preprocessor?

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