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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

remove the .gz extension (leaving .tar) and continue as normal.  Standard
uncompression/unpacking programs will now have no problem with the file.

Thanks all.

- Lee

PS  This means that the server indicates a different MIME type in
the header.

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> Hello,
> > site. Could one copy be a gzip file and the other not ???
> In short: no.
> To shed some light on this tar/gz bussiness:
> It depends on the mime types, IE and the like try to 
> interpret what mime types 
> the server indicates in the header. So in this particular 
> case the server 
> indicates it is a gz file, and apparently the action 
> associated with that 
> particular mime type on your machine tells it to run gunzip 
> on it. Although the
> action is incomplete by not removing the suffix.
> Hope that sort of explains the confusion.

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