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Thu Nov 23 16:36:19 EST 2017

Please include the following information with your report:

System Architecture (Sparc, x86, etc)
Operating System and version (Linux 2.0.22, IRIX 5.3, etc)
What rules (if any) you were using
What command line switches you were using
Any Snort error messages

If you get a core file, here is a procedure that would be very
helpful for me to debug your problem faster.  When it crashes,
try the following steps:

1) At the command prompt, type 'gdb snort snort.core'.  This will
load snort and the core file into the GNU debugger.  You may need
to give the path to the snort binary file, and your core file might
have a different name (like "core" or something).

2) At the (gdb) prompt, type 'bt' (without the quotes).

3) At the (gdb) prompt, type 'quit'.  This will return you to your

4) Cut and paste the output from gdb into the email you send me! 

If the problem could be reproduced, coredump analysis and snort output
of 'debug-enabled' build would be appreciated.

Siddhartha Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> If i run snort this way :-
> ./snort -v  -X -i hme1 -l ../log/snort/ -c ../conf/snort.conf, i get a core
> dump in a matter of couple of seconds. I also get this message :-
> Got bogus buffer length (1514) for PrintNetData, defaulting to 16 bytes!
> Whats causing the core dumps?
> Siddhartha
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