[Snort-users] Snort-Generate HTTP traffic with hping3 using one PC

‫moon sun‬ ‫ msun489 at ...131...
Mon May 29 20:55:51 EDT 2017

I'm using snort on obuntu 15.10 , I want to test snort to alert http traffic, So I added this rule to local rules :

 alert tcp any any -> $HOME_NET 80 (msg:"HTTP Test!!!"; classtype:not-suspicious; sid:1000002;  rev:1;)

Now I want to generate some http traffic with hping3, so I used:

   $ sudo hping3 -c 10000 -d 120 -S -w 64 -p 8000 --flood --rand-source

But it says : 

    3956843 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

The problem in the source ip address, I have only one PC , How can I use hping3 to send tcp traffic (http) to my pc from the same pc ?
If this is not possible, Then is there another way to generate http traffic from and to the same pc ?

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