[Snort-users] Help with: "Reputation Preprocessor Disabled"

Dionne Queen ddd1236 at ...131...
Sat May 20 08:36:15 EDT 2017

I am having troubling with an Error msg that displays:
"Can't find White list or Black list. Reputation Preprocessor Disable"
This is what I have in my snort.config file:

So, I uncommented the PREPROC_RULE_Path/preprocessor.rules

Now I have an error message that displays:

It now displays an unknown class type of  web-application-attack.
This is what I have for my dynamic preprocessor library in snort config:

 I have been trying for days for Snort to do alerts, but keep getting these above error messages. Please help.
Thanks.Dionneddd1236 at ...131...

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