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Looks like you are trying to run a script without specifying a shell to run it in, however, I don’t think this script will do what you want it to do.

What are you trying to do?

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On May 18, 2017, at 4:17 PM, ⁨‫moon sun‬ ‫‬⁩ <⁨msun489 at ...131...<mailto:msun489 at ...131...>⁩> wrote:

I'm trying to use linux shell script to perform multiple snort commands , i put them in a vi editor and save it and then make this file executable:

$ cd ~/snort5_src
$ cd snort-
$ snort -dev -n 20  -l /home/hduser/log7 -b -c /etc/snort5/snort.conf
$ chmod a+rwx /home/hduser/log7/snort.log.*
$ tcpdump -n -tttt -r /home/hduser/log7/snort.log.* > /home/hduser/log7/bigfile2.txt
when i execute this file in terminal it give me this message :
./snort-command: line 1: $: command not found
./snort-command: line 2: $: command not found
./snort-command: line 3: $: command not found
./snort-command: line 4: $: command not found
./snort-command: line 5: $: command not found

Is this the right way to use snort commands in shell script ? or there is something else to do in snort ?
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