[Snort-users] How to use react under IPS mode correctly?

Hsuan-Yi Sung newdominic at ...11827...
Thu May 11 05:10:22 EDT 2017

I've run a quick test on Ubuntu 16.04 with daq-afpacket, just to check if
the react plugin works fine.

And it does response as designed.

So I get back to FreeBSD and tried running Snort with netmap, the react
plugin works without any problem now.

Still can't figure out why the ipfw module failed to send the packets out
of Snort.

Here's how I start Snort:

/usr/local/bin/snort -Q --daq ipfw --daq-mode inline -k none -i em1 -c

And here's my ipfw list:

00030 allow icmp from any to any via em1
00040 divert 8000 all from any to any via em1
00050 divert natd all from any to any via em0
00060 allow all from any to any

Just a simple setting to divert every packets(except icmp) from em1 to port
8000(Snort with daq-ipfw).

Am I missing some specific configuration for the ipfw module?

Please let me know if you guys need more information.


2017-05-08 14:22 GMT+08:00 Hsuan-Yi Sung <newdominic at ...11827...>:

> Yes, before I set the rule to stateless, Snort is blocking the active
> responses, which should be injected via Active_SendData() and
> Active_SendReset() in sp_react.c.
> I added some debug messages into the daq library, and it showed that the
> ipfw_daq_forward() function did return DAQ_SUCCESS while calling the
> functions mentioned above.
> I know it might be wrong making it stateless, just trying to figure out
> where and why the injected packets get blocked.
> I'll try the react plugin on other platforms these days for some
> cross-comparison.
> 2017-05-05 20:30 GMT+08:00 Russ <rucombs at ...589...>:
>> That doesn't sound right.  You shouldn't have to be stateless. Also, are
>> you saying Snort is blocking your active responses?  They should be sent
>> from Snort but not through Snort.
>> On 5/3/17 10:02 PM, Hsuan-Yi Sung wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm running Snort on FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE, under inline mode with
>>> daq-ipfw.
>>> I've been trying to use the "react" keyword in my rules to send a fake
>>> response page to client.
>>> At first, I tried the rules below:
>>> alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $MAL_IP 80 (msg:"BAD"; content:"GET";
>>> react:msg;
>>> sid:1002; rev:001;)
>>> The client can't even make a successful handshake with the destination
>>> IP.
>>> After doing some research on sp_react.c (and some googling), I guess this
>>> must be triggered only after the connection established. So I added the
>>> "flow" keyword:
>>> alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $MAL_IP 80 (msg:"BAD"; content:"GET";
>>> flow:established,from_client; react:msg; sid:1002; rev:001;)
>>> By using tcpdump, I can see the connection established, also the HTTP GET
>>> request packet.
>>> But the forged response still not showing.
>>> So I dig deeper, and found that in spp_stream6.c,
>>> static void StreamDropPacket( Packet *p ) {
>>> ...
>>> ...
>>>      if (!(p->packet_flags & PKT_STATELESS))
>>>          session_api->drop_traffic(p, p->ssnptr, SSN_DIR_BOTH);
>>> }
>>> The drop_traffic function made all the injected packet blocked.
>>> Finally, I switched the parameter of "flow" to "stateless":
>>> alert tcp $HOME_NET any -> $MAL_IP 80 (msg:"BAD"; content:"GET";
>>> flow:stateless; react:msg; sid:1002; rev:001;)
>>> Now I can see the fake response page and connection reset packets.
>>> Not sure if I misunderstood the code or not, is this the right way to use
>>> "react" under inline mode?
>>> Do I have to treat the HTTP packet stateless?
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