[Snort-users] Launching Snort from anywhere in Windows (path)

David Pham ptit-kritis at ...17855...
Wed May 10 10:21:41 EDT 2017


Everytime I want to launch Snort, I need to be in the folder C:/Snort and in my snort.conf put etc/unicode.map in the section preprocessor http_inspect. Command that works :

C:\Snort > C:/Snort/bin/Snort -c C:/Snort/etc/snort.conf (note: folder C:/Snort)
But when I am not in that folder, for example in C:/ and I launch the same command, it won't works because it doesn't find ./unicode.map. I tried to give full path, put Snort in Path...

I want to run Snort as a Windows Service. I know there is the option /service /install but Snort is retrieving nothing because of this problem (I guess ?). How can I remove/change the ./ before ./unicode.map.

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