[Snort-users] snort preprocessor reputation Shared memory load entries always 0

Hui Cao (huica) huica at ...589...
Tue May 9 11:49:30 EDT 2017

Can you provide all the cofig files and also files under your “shared_mem” path?


On 5/9/17, 11:28 AM, "阔野嘹歌" <85358830 at ...15456...> wrote:

    Good day to all! I'm using Snort on a Debian 8.2 virtual machine.To test reputation share memory and control-socket.I'm follow Snort manual 2.2.20 shared memory support.step by step.but it looks not work well.
    My config file and whait/black list file in mail attachemnts.
    The following line is my start snort command:
    ./snort -G 1 -Q --process-all-events -c ../etc/snort.conf
    The following is the output of the snort:
    Reputation config: 
        Reputation total memory usage: 0 bytes
        Reputation total entries loaded: 0, invalid: 0, re-defined: 0
        Memcap: 500 (Default) M bytes 
        Scan local network: ENABLED
        Reputation priority:  whitelist(Default) 
        Nested IP: both  
        White action: unblack (Default) 
        Shared memory supported, Update directory: /usr/reputation/iplists
        Shared memory refresh period: 60 (Default) seconds 
        Shared memory max instances: 2
    Initializing rule chains...
    1 Snort rules read
        0 detection rules
        0 decoder rules
        1 preprocessor rules
    1 Option Chains linked into 1 Chain Headers
    0 Dynamic rules
    nfq DAQ configured to inline.
    Reload thread starting...
    Reload thread started, thread 0xa443db40 (25579)
        Reputation Preprocessor: Size of shared memory segment SFShmemMgmt.0.0 is 128
    Mapped shared management region of size 128 as a reader.
    It appears that the blacklist is not load into shared memory.why?
    who can tell me why?
    I am searching for a long time on net. But no use. Please help or try to give some ideas how to achieve this.
    I'm sorry my English is not good.sorry I am a novice.
    Can someone give me some help?
    Can the Chinese give me some help?in Chinese.
    I am a lonely self learner, if you can give me a little help , Thank you very much.
    Best regards to all!

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