[Snort-users] Unified2 Output

Al Lewis (allewi) allewi at cisco.com
Sat Jul 15 22:25:35 EDT 2017

Sorry if I am misunderstanding but are you trying to get alerts from this pcap?

Based on the command you are just reading a pcap and then trying to write something to a file.

Without an alert generated the unified file should be blank.

You probably need to use a -c for a config file and using -l for the logging location.


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On 7/15/17, 8:01 PM, "Snort-users on behalf of Jim Campbell" <snort-users-bounces at lists.snort.org on behalf of jim at w4bqp.net> wrote:

>In my day-to-day use of Snort 3 I need for it to output its results in 
>Unified2 format. Experimenting, I came upon something that isn't working 
>for me. It may be a configuration issue that I don't yet understand.
>If I run "sudo /opt/snort/bin/snort -r 
>./pcaps/ie_aurora_WinXP_successfulExploitation.pcap  -L dump" everything 
>works OK.
>If I run "sudo /opt/snort/bin/snort -r 
>./pcaps/ie_aurora_WinXP_successfulExploitation.pcap  -A unified2" it 
>writes a "unified2.log.nnnnn" file in the default directory but the 
>length is zero.
>What am I doing wrong / leaving out?
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