[Snort-users] inconsistency docu vs. snort.conf

Felix Erlacher felix.erlacher at ...17726...
Wed Jan 25 06:18:35 EST 2017

Hi all,

I think I just found an inconsistency between the official documentation
and the example snort.conf file.
In the current documentation for Snort 2.9.9 (dated November 14)
available on the snort.org webpage it says on page 46 for the
preprocessor stream5_tcp option "require_3whs" --> "the default is set
to off" and for the session grace period of that option "The default is
But in the sample snort.conf file in the snort tarball as well
as the one on the webpage (https://www.snort.org/configurations) the
require_3whs option is enabled and the grace period set to 180 seconds.

The same holds for the "detect_anomalies" option, docu says default is
off, in example snort.conf it is turned on.


Felix Erlacher

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