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You'll need to restart Snort every night at 12:01 or something to have a different log every day.  There's currently no way to roll the log daily.

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As newbie with snort, i wonder how i can manage my logs.
Since Friday, i've 4 logs files, enough big and 2 only for today, that's a bit strange.

-rw------- 1 snort snort  85M Jan 23 10:56 alert
-rw-r--r-- 1 root  root  128M Jan 20 23:08 alert.1484950122
-rw------- 1 snort snort 128M Jan 21 13:59 alert.1485003592
-rw------- 1 snort snort 128M Jan 22 04:48 alert.1485056894
-rw------- 1 snort snort 128M Jan 22 22:54 alert.1485122081
So, my questions

1) can i have one file per day?

2) can i change the name of the file (for example,"alert.1485003592" is not very clear)?

3) can i change the log level?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

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