[Snort-users] Question regarding Barnyard2

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Sun Jan 15 14:02:48 EST 2017

Thanks for the response.  Looking in Synaptic, I see the following


.         Libmysqlclient-dev 

.         libmysqlclient20

Both of them are at version 5.7.16-0ubuntu0.16.04.1


So here is possibly a dumb question:  Is it possible for something to be
installed and not show up in Synaptic?



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I "think" you have to also install libmysqlclient-dev or it's equivalent on
your distro. I am not on a computer to validate.



From: Bob Baller <bobballer at ...15978...>
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Subject: [Snort-users] Question regarding Barnyard2
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Hello,  I am having a problem getting Barnyard2 to work.  Snort seems to be
working fine but I keep getting the following error when I attempt to run

ERROR database: 'mysql' support is not compiled into this build of barnyard2


ERROR: If this build of barnyard2 was obtained as a binary distribution
(e.g., rpm,

or Windows), then check for alternate builds that contains the necessary

'mysql' support.


I've set '--with-MySql' and have reinstalled it many times.  I am clearly
missing something


I am running the following


Linux Mint           ver 18 32bit

MySql                   ver 5.7.16-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

Snort                     ver

Barnyard2           ver 2.1.14 Build 339


I would appreciate any help.


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