[Snort-users] [SUSPECTED SPAM] [SNORT3.0]: how to compile snort3.0 to enable hyperscan?

Noah Dietrich noah_dietrich at ...17393...
Thu Jan 12 11:34:32 EST 2017

Al's answer will tell you how to point snort to the location of the
hyperscan libraries (if they are in non-standard locations, or if snort
doesn't detect those libraries when you run ./configure or
./configure_cmake.sh).  I like to check if hyperscan is installed and more
importantly available to snort (does snort see these libraries), and the
way to do this is to check the output of ./configure
(or./configure_cmake.sh if you're using that method):

noah at ...17728...:~/snort_src/snort3-master$ *./configure | grep hyperscan*
checking for hyperscan pkg-config presence...* yes*

noah at ...17728...:~/snort_src/snort3-master$ *./configure_cmake.sh | grep hs_scan*
-- Looking for hs_scan in /usr/local/lib/libhs.a
-- Looking for hs_scan in /usr/local/lib/libhs.a *- found*
noah at ...17729...:~/snort_src/snort3-master$

In both examples above, you can see that snort sees the hyperscan libraries
and will compile support for them when you run make.


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:07 PM, Al Lewis (allewi) <allewi at ...589...> wrote:

> Use the configure_make.sh to see the options:
> ./configure_cmake.sh --help
>     --with-hyperscan-includes=DIR
>                             libhs include directory
>     --with-hyperscan-libraries=DIR
>                             libhs library directory
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> To: 'snort-users' <snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
> Subject: [SUSPECTED SPAM] [Snort-users] [SNORT3.0]: how to compile
> snort3.0 to enable hyperscan?
> Hi all,
>     How to compile snort3.0 to enable hyperscan? I've compiled and
> installed hyperscan libraries on my box, how should I compile snort3.0?Many
> thanks.
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