[Snort-users] Process Snort alerts on real time

Nora Aron valeparatodo at ...11827...
Mon Feb 20 06:32:14 EST 2017

I'm wondering if there is a tool to get Snort alerts on real time. I have
configured Snort to get unified2 output. Now, when I run Snort it starts
writing in a new snort.u2.timestamp and create a new one once it has
reached the limit. It was enough for me until now for testing purposes.
Now I  would like to run a program for each new alert triggered, but I
haven't figured out how to get it automatically. So this program could be
run automatically with the complete information of the alert ( or the maybe
I need to parse just what I need)  when each alert is triggered and send it
later to another component of my system.
I was wondering if there was some known tool to do it, or I would have to
create from scratch a kind of watcher that notify me when there is any
change in either the current log file or the log directory ( when a new log
file is created) .
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